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Headshots and Family Portraits

Riyaz likes to take headshots of you in your element. He’s not a fan of studio photography, finding clients are more comfortable when they are in their own element. No lights, just natural light and their surroundings to help set the tone.


Riyaz loves to be outdoors with his camera in hand. Whether it’s with his phone or Canon, Riyaz wants to get the shot. The goal for Riyaz when he takes a landscape shot is to evoke an emotion and let the viewer feel they’re in the scene with him.


Riyaz has been given opportunities to have some of his work in magazines, news outlets and more.


What is the cost for a custom design?

Please reach out to Riyaz as the cost varies depending on needs.


What is the cost for doing infographic work?

It all depends on the depth of work and turnaround time. Please contact Riyaz

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