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Getting Attention


Riyaz recently had the opportunity to have his illustrations showcased at the 2022 Silver Skate Festival. Using Medicine Wheel learnings and knowledge shared by cultural advisor Elder Francis Whiskeyjack, Riyaz made beautiful, illustrated recreations representing The East - Eagle, The South - Buffalo, The West - Bear, and The North - Wolf.

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Art on location

Riyaz has been fortunate enough to have his work in stores, restaurants and breweries around the city of Edmonton. These stores and establishments include:

  • Tix on the Square

  • The Prints and the Paper

  • Red Ribbon Boutique

  • Majesty and Friends

  • Stollery Kids Store

  • Mister Frame

  • Odd Company Brewery

  • Irrational Brewing Company

  • Earls Tin Palace

Art from the Unknown

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Riyaz has had the privledge to have his illustrations and photographs featured in the Art from the Unknown for the last year years (2020 and 2021). 

This exhibit has featured over 50 artists from all over Alberta and showcasing their work through Rachel Notley's social media accounts and virtual gallery.